We are the donuts of Dallas  (and are working hard to earn the right to say the same about Denton).  Hypnotic Donuts is the home of Dallas’ original craft donut shop.  However, never call us boutique because that is not our style.  We are a bunch of fun loving, laid back souls that work hard to produce a great product by making everything in house by hand and using quality ingredients.  Our shop (s) are all furnished and outfitted with reclaimed goods and though our store fits our style it is not going to win any design awards.  
Hypnotic Donuts was created in June of 2010 with one simple mission “create the ultimate donut experience and have fun along the way”.  
Hypnotic Donuts is also home to kinda world famous chicken biscuits.


We use quality ingredients and we make everything in-house by hand. 


All of our donuts are trans fat-free.


We  get up early every morning and bake throughout the day to provide you with the freshest product. 


Hypnotic Donuts was created because James (creator) would always get donuts and realized they all looked and tasted the same no matter where he was.  After doing research he found that out of 920 donut stores in the DFW area about 90% of them were using the same supplier.  The other 10% consisted of national chains.  After discovering this the Dallas Donut Revolution was on.


The Hypnotic journey is very interesting and always ongoing and to date has gone like this:


  1. Learn to make donuts

  2. Make donuts with a non- English speaking man every morning from 12:30am- 3am for 2 months

  3. Not really sure what the hell he is doing because he does not speak English so start filming him making donuts and go home and study and make test runs

  4. Continue making test runs at home until we have an edible product

  5. Start working in commercial kitchen with commercial equipment on standard recipes

  6. Master it

  7. Start adjusting the recipes to make something unique

  8. Master it

  9. Ready to sell

  10. Sell via FB and Twitter out of the back of Ford Expedition

  11. Grow enough to rent a space out of a pizza shop but only on weekend mornings

  12. Grow even more so open a full time store in East Dallas at White Rock Lake

  13. Bring on great staff that make everything possible

  14. Bring in a pastry chef to take our creations to the pinnacle

  15. Have awesome customers that make our job fun

  16. People of Denton (45 minutes away) coming in by the droves asking us to come out there

  17. Visit Denton

  18. Fall in love with Denton

  19. Work on opening second location

  20. Find out the building we are occupyimg housed the great Willie Nelson  as a saleman and radio host

  21. Finally 9 months after planned- Denton location opens Septemeber 3, 2014

  22. Meet more awesome people


In summary, this is what Hypnotic Donuts is all about “create the ultimate donut experience and have fun along the way”.  Hypnotic Donuts encourages our staff, our vendors and our customers to all join us in our mission.  When you walk into Hypnotic Donuts everything is better.


We are very thankful and appreciative to all of our “Hyppies” who have joined our journey.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our stores soon. 




The Hypnotic Crew



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Want to be a part of our Hyppie staff?  Email us at or come by and fill out an application.